See what our clients have to say about their experience with Union Holistic...

“I started having reflexology over ten years ago and as a consequence I have been able to stop taking medication for ulcerative colitis - medication which can have unwanted side and long term effects. Reflexology is also extremely relaxing and helps me with stress and anxiety - I don’t think I could cope with the stress of being a teacher without it!”
— Mrs A Willis
“When my husband and I decided to start a family we didn’t expect to get pregnant straight away but after a year of trying I started to worry that something was wrong. We had some tests which indicated that there was no reason why we shouldn’t conceive naturally but it was still not happening and I became increasingly anxious.
A pregnant friend suggested I saw Jill for a reflexology treatment to help me relax. It was a lovely experience, afterwards I felt so calm and reassured that I booked a course of treatments. These were timed with my menstrual cycle to maximize my chances of conceiving.
I am still having reflexology but now it is to prepare for the birth of my baby”
— Laura Wilson
“I am a full time carer for my husband who had a stroke four years ago. I have very little ‘ me time ‘ but I see Jill once a month for a hot stones massage. The massage eases away any aches and pains but what I really like about it is the feeling of warmth and deep relaxation. I have tried other treatments but this is the one for me! As I walk away from Union Holistic I always notice how different I feel from when I arrived.”
— Lisa Robinson
“Having received Reflexology treatment on a regular basis for a number of years from Jill, I have often tried out any new therapies that Jill has trained in. When she mentioned Thai Sport Massage, I was very keen to try it as I had one or two ongoing muscle and joint pains that have developed from working at a PC for long periods of time and increased levels of driving for my job. I was particularly taken by the fact that I wouldn’t have to strip off for this treatment, and that loose, comfortable clothing would suffice. Jill’s therapy room is a perfect little haven with beautiful candles, tranquil music and an altogether air of peace and comfort.
Jill spent the first part of the session asking me questions about my general health, what concerns I might have, and gathering information about my current lifestyle, work/life balance and energy levels. I felt informed and comfortable before she began the treatment.
The Thai Sport Massage released the tension in the areas I had highlighted, and as I drifted back into the here and now, I felt as light as a feather, like I had been ‘put back together again’.
I was so amazed and impressed by the treatment and the way that Jill worked on me, that I immediately booked another session.
The after effect of the treatment means that I am moving more freely and I feel that I am on my way to being well again. This is a fantastic treatment and I have been recommending Jill and the Thai Sport Massage to all of my friends and colleagues”
— Julie Knowles